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How to make a lacy manicure

How to make a lacy manicure

This summer, at the height of fashion light and airy lace dresses.

To have your image was stylish and complete, you need to think through every detail, including, and manicures.

Make at home lace manicure is a snap.

To do this you need a little patience and a beautiful piece of lace.

You will need

  • - Lace or mesh cloth-
  • - Base under lactose
  • - Nail polish primary colors-
  • - Cosmetic Klein
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Fixer.



First you need to prepare for a manicure. Give nails in order to give them a nice shape.


Prepare lace piece. To do this, cut from lace fabric 10 pieces approximate size and shape of each of your nail.


Cover the nail base for paint. Allow to dry completely. Then apply the varnish on nails of the selected color. Also dry.


After the varnish dries, turn lubricate lacy billet small amount of cosmetic glue and pressed tightly to each nail.


Carefully cut the excess lace all extending beyond the contour of the nail. When the lace on the nails are dry, cover the nails from the top fixer.


Lacy manicure can be varied, allIt depends on your taste. You can further decorate your nails with rhinestones, beads or feathers. If time is short, you can buy ready-made covers for the nails of the lace.

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