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How to make a kite


How to make a kite</a>

Kite - is nothing like a kind of kite.

Kites are used as equipment for kiting, which means skating on water, snow or sand due to the dragging force of the snake. Is it possible to make a kite yourself?

The answer is yes.



In order to make a kite, you will needSufficiently large working area. Take the wing of the kite wing and attach it to the fabric (light polyester). To prevent the slide from slipping, secure the paper to the fabric with pins. Now use an impulse soldering iron and cut the part in two copies.


Gluing two parts, use a double-sided tape 6 mm thick.
Glue the halves of the wings lap 6-7 mm.


Now take the reinforced ribbon and cut it off.A piece with a width of 1.5 cm and a length of 80 cm, it will be needed to strengthen the seam of the spine. Next, attach the ribbon from the edge to the edge of the kite, sew with 3 stitches "zigzag" around the edges, and also in the center of the ribbon.


Sew a kapron thread into the edges of the kite, andAlso use a strong cloth to strengthen the edge of the kite. Thread the stitches so that a 10 cm diameter loop remains around the edges. Now take a dense waterproof fabric and double-sided scotch, use them to make the front edge of the kite (the width of the rim is 6 cm).


At the edges of the kite, tilt 10 cm of fabric, thisHelp strengthen the edges. Next, make a pocket for attaching the armature, for this use a very strong cloth 7 cm wide (car belt can fit).


In the pocket, cut the holes for the T-connection (forUse either an impulse soldering iron or a heated wire bent in the right shape). Do not forget to reinforce the connection points of the sling with the same 2.5x7cm fabric, and make three slots in each reinforcement.


Make holes on the edges of the kite, place them 5 cm from the edge. Please note that when installing the valve there will be a retaining ring.
Next, make 5 cm slots for the lower and upper guide connectors.


Place the T-connector in the center slot of the kite. All, then, just insert the reinforcement and fix it.

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