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How to make a kite

How to make a kite

Kite - is nothing but as a kind of kite.

Kites used as equipment for kiting, which means skiing on water, snow or sand by the pulling force of the serpent. Is it possible to make a kite yourself?

The answer is - yes.



In order to make a kite, you need tosufficiently large working area. Take the curve of the wing of the kite and attach it to the fabric (easy polyester). To template from sliding, attach the paper to the fabric pins. Now use the soldering gun and cut out detail in two copies.


Gluing two pieces, use double-sided tape 6 mm thick.
Glues together the halves of the wings overlap of 6-7 mm.


Now take the reinforced tape and cutslice width of 1.5 cm and a length of 80 cm, it is necessary to reinforce the spine seam. Then stitched tape from edge to edge of the kite, make a sewing seam 3 "zigzag" on the edges and in the middle of the tape.


Sew Sew the edges of the kite in nylon thread, andalso use a strong cloth to strengthen the edge of the kite. Threads to sew so that the bottom left on the edges of the loop diameter of 10 cm. Now take a thick waterproof fabric and double-sided tape, with the help of them make the leading edge of the kite (width of the line of 6 cm).


Along the edges of the kite tuck 10 cm tissue isIt will help strengthen the region. Next, make a pocket for attaching fittings to use this very durable fabric width of 7 cm (can approach the car seat belt).


In the bag, cut a hole for T-connection (forUse of this or soldering gun or a hot wire, bent into the desired shape). Do not forget using the same fabric the size of 2.5 * 7cm space to strengthen lanyard connection, while strengthening each make three holes for slings.


Make holes at the edges of the kite, place them in 5 cm from the edge. Please note that during installation of the valve there will be a lock ring.
Then do the slot size 5 cm for the upper and lower guide connector.


Place the T-connector in the central slot of the kite. All that then remains only to insert the valve and lock it.

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