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How to make the hydrophilic oil

How to make the hydrophilic oil

During the day our skin bears a layer of makeup, you want to be sure to wash off.

Excellent tool for removing make-up - is the oil that comes in contact with water, and carries with it all impurities.

Hydrophilic oil washes, waterproof makeup andAsian makeup, helps to keep the skin fresh and moisturized for a long time, but due to its moisturizing properties are suitable for owners of dry skin.

You will need

  • To prepare 100 ml of a hydrophilic oil:
  • - Base oil (coconut, olive, peach, almond, grape seed) - 90ml
  • - Polysorbate (Tween 20, Tween-40, Tween-80) - 10ml
  • - Vitamin E (oil solution)
  • - Empty bottle
  • - Measuring cup or spoon



Measure using a measuring cup or spoon 10 ml polysorbate.


Add a few drops of polysorbate vitamin E oil. Pour the mixture into a prepared clean and dry bottle.


Measure 90 ml of base oil and add it to polysorbate with vitamin E.


Shake the bottle.

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