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Bottle wall transmits natural light

From what we can build a house on his land? This is a problem faced by all who seek to build something not quite traditional.

Houses made of bottles invented long ago, but is still uncommon. Meanwhile, the glass walls retain heat very well.

Wall get quite thick.

The main drawback of this construction material - it takes a lot of bottles of the same type, otherwise the clutch will uneven.

You will need

  • Many bottles of wine, champagne, vodka
  • Cement or concrete



Prepare a bottle. It's quite a long process, because they need a lot. The bottles must be cleaned of residues of labels, thoroughly wash and dry well. There should not remain a single drop of moisture. After drying, the stoppered bottle. It is best to fill the mouths of the same cement mortar, which will be used during construction housea.


The foundation for the bottle houseand is the most common way. He is no different from the brick foundation housea. Make the project housebut dig a pit, pour the foundation and start building. The whole secret - in laying the bottles. There may be different options for building, and you have to choose the best.


Determine what you want to see the wall housea. Outside can be either concrete, which you then Arrange on your own, or glass, which also will miss the natural light. On this depends the concrete pouring technology. Laying in both cases is the same.


Proceed to construction. Pour on the foundation layer of cement. Place the bottle tightly to each other, bottoms in the same direction. For example, the outer side housea. Pour cement layer on necks of bottles until the convex portions thereof. Lay the next row of bottles so that the bottle necks of the new layer comprised between two necks of the bottom row. Thereafter, a number of bottles laid again in the same way as the first, and then - a second. Excess cement is removed in the course of masonry.


In this type of masonry construction is notperimeter, and separately for each wall. Build the walls. On the corner joints make complete concreting. The resulting concrete surface can be decorated with cement mortar in which sand is added instead comminuted glass bottles of different colors.

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