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How to make a hookah on fruit

Delicious smoke.

Smoking hookah - a long tradition. The smoke from it is less harmful than regular cigarettes.

And the ritual of smoking a hookah may add oriental flavor to the party. One of the secrets - hookah on fruit.

Due to the fruit bowl can be extended smoking time and experience a more intense taste of tobacco.

You will need

  • - kalyan-
  • - tabak-
  • - coal
  • - zubochistka-
  • - folga-
  • - Apple (preferably green).



smoking hookah on the fruit is best to use greenan Apple. He has a very firm flesh, and it is unlikely that Apple will quickly become soft and juicy from hot coals. The fruit must be of medium size, not too ripe.


Once selected the apple, you need to remove the core so as to produce a bowl of tobacco. It is best to try to cut the flesh in the form of a funnel (the pulp can be added to the flask).


After that apple with empty middle, you need tocarefully spread on mine. Then, inside the fruit should be placed foil pinholes few holes with a toothpick so that was thrust through mine. Then you need to put on the foil inside the apple tobacco, stir it a bit fancier.


Then apple covered with foil and placed on top of charcoal small size, it is better in the middle part. Then you need to ignite the charcoal, to smoke shisha and enjoy the wonderful taste.

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