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How to make a home server


How to make a home server

A home server is a computer that has more memory than a home computer.

It is practically a file drive, managed with the help of special software.

You will need

  • - The computer case-
  • - Power Supply-
  • - motherboard-
  • - processor-
  • - RAM-
  • - sata-
  • - two - three hard disks-
  • - Network Card-
  • - Wi-Fi module.



To make a home server, you will need several parts, devices and devices. Among them:
The computer case. You can use only the early release year, since on the housings until 2005 you will need to do a lot of rework to install the necessary connectors and mountings. Advantage is given to cases where several hard disks can be placed.


Power Supply. Acquire with the body, and only as a last resort separately. The fan should be low-noise.


Motherboard and processor. Very carefully approach the choice of the manufacturer. From what processor you choose, the performance of your server will depend. Is there a recommendation here? Look for a modern, with good reviews, the motherboard. If you have an old case, do not forget to agree on the installation site.


RAM. Is selected for the processor.


Two or three hard drives. Try to choose with a decent amount of memory.


Network card and Wi-Fi module. Usually on modern motherboards, built-in network cards are installed, but one more is needed. It is necessary to clarify when purchasing a network card, does it support, so-called, host? mode.
This equipment is not the only correct and dogmatic one, and can vary slightly depending on the tasks performed.


To properly make a home server, the order of installation of equipment in the chassis should be as follows:
- Power Supply-

- motherboard with a processor-

- RAM-

- controller and hard disk-

- Network Card.
The order can be slightly adjusted during the assembly process.


Most likely, you will need some reworkHousing for an additional network card, for which the file is selected in one of the walls of the required opening. To install the controller, you need to remove one of the slats from the back of the case.
Your home server is compiled. It remains to configure the computer, install the necessary software and get to work.

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