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How to make a hole in the garage

How to make a hole in the garage

Having owned a garage, not equipped with a viewing hole, it is considered bad manners.

Especially among those motorists whopersonally prefer to repair their car, and do not waste your time going to car repair stations to eliminate minor malfunctions.

You will need

  • - Roulette,
  • - The level (preferably water)
  • - Entrenching tools,
  • - Sand, gravel, cement and water.



Most car owners begin constructiongarage layout for the foundation, at the same time, spacing, and a viewing hole. But when the garage is purchased off the shelf: the walls and ceiling, the construction of which is not taken care of the construction of a viewing hole, it will have to do it yourself.


Before the start of construction works on arrangement of the garage is necessary to consider some nuances:

- The length of the observation well (it should be 0.5 meters longer than the vehicle)

- Width - 700 mm clean (plus the thickness of the walls of the pit)

- Depth - is individual and depends on the owner's growth (on average 1.8 m)

- In the walls of the pit provides organizations supporting niches to house tools and other needs.


Taking into account all of the above, proceed to markup the excavation pit for future viewing, and subsequent excavation of it.
After that, according to a water level of the pit formwork is set, the lower side edges of which are located above the bottom of 200 mm, and the top - below the surface of the floor by 50 mm.


For the construction of the formwork must be taken with the utmost responsibility. Any shortcoming at this stage faces that need to perform all the work again.


By installing the casing, the space between it and the walls of the pit is filled with a concrete mixture, prepared by yourself or purchased ready-to rastvorobetonnom site.


After pouring the concrete, metal mortgages are placed at the top of the perimeter wall of a viewing hole, which subsequently welded frame made of angle steel 50x50 mm.


After a few days afterconcrete will harden, formwork is removed and carried further construction works: plastering walls, making holes overlap of the boards (it is placed in a metal frame on top), and so forth.

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