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How to make a hole in the belt

How to make a hole in the belt</a>

Each belt has numerous holes so that any person can adjust its length to its own waist.

But sometimes you have to make additional holes in the belt, which will be useful when you lose weight or are too much recovered.

This saves money on buying a new belt, and also leaves you in the company of your favorite thing.

You will need

  • Handle, wooden board, hammer, nail, rivet, knife, shoe polish, toothpick.



Attach the waist to the waist and determine the place on it, where it is necessary to make a hole. Mark this area with the handle, making a small point in parallel and at an equal distance from the other holes in the belt.


Place the belt on the wooden board with the outside facing up. Attach a nail to the designated place and hold it with two fingers perpendicular to the board with the head facing up.


Smoothly strike the nail with a hammer, strengthening each subsequent stroke, until the nail of the nail completely penetrates into the belt. Remove the nail from the hole.


If the belt is leather, the hole is ready. If the belt is made of a different material and all the holes on it are riveted, this rivet must also be decorated with a rivet. Use a sharp knife and a hammer to smooth out the edges of the rivet.


Leather belt (without rivet) in a new placePuncture should be treated with a colorless shoe polish. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to bring a shoe polish into the hole. This will secure the edges of the hole.

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