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How to make a hole in the belt

How to make a hole in the belt

Each belt has many holes, that any man could adjust its length under his own waist.

But sometimes you have to travel an additional hole in the belt, which will be useful when you lost weight or recovered too.

This saves money on buying a new belt and leaves you in the company of your favorite things.

You will need

  • The handle, wooden board, hammer, nails, rivets, knife, shoe polish, a toothpick.



Attach the belt to the waist, and specify the location on it, where you need to make a hole. Check this region handle, make a small point of parallel and equidistant from the other belt holes.


Put the belt on a wooden board outer side facing up. Put the nail to the designated place and hold it with two fingers perpendicular to board up the head.


Gently tap the nail with a hammer, reinforcing each successive blow, until the nail leg is not completely penetrate the zone. Remove the nail out of the hole.


If the leather belt - a hole is ready. If the belt is made of a different material and all the holes in it are processed with rivets, and it will have a new hole is also decorate the rivet. Use a sharp knife and a hammer for smoothing the edges of the rivet.


Leather belt (without rivets) in a new locationpuncture should be treated with a colorless shoe polish. Use a toothpick or a cotton swab to put in the hole shoe polish. This will fix the hole edge.

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