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How to make a high temperature



Heat is a relatively relativeA characteristic that needs clarification. Suppose, if we take a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, then there is already something to start from.

A similar temperature, even greater, can be created in various ways, for example, by electric discharge in gases or by chemical reaction.

But practice shows that for any process, not only the temperature, but also its duration is important.

You will need

  • Potassium nitrate (sodium), sulfur, test tube, tripod, sand, potassium permanganate, aluminum, fire extinguisher.



Take an unnecessary chemical test tube and place in it a little potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate (saltpeter). Tube the tube on a tripod and heat it with a gas burner.


Wait until the saltpeter melts. Upon melting, the alkali metal nitrates decompose to form nitrites and release pure oxygen. When oxygen release becomes stable, then remove the burner and place a cup under the test tube, the test tube will not survive this experiment, it will melt.


Then take a small piece of sulfur and set it on fire.him. Burned sulfur is immersed in a test tube filled with oxygen from the decomposition of nitrate. Sulfur will burn intensively in an oxygen atmosphere, this reaction produces a very high temperature.


Take a little potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate)And mix it thoroughly with aluminum shavings (you can with silver). Then insert the magnesium tape into the mixture and set it on fire (just move away). There will be a brief flash with a large release of heat. The temperature at this reaction reaches several thousand degrees.

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