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How to make a hat with your own hands


If the head is starched, the cardboard pad is not needed</a>

A homemade tiny hat will be an excellent decoration for a high hairstyle, if you put it on a barrette. Velvet or silk hat will complement the exquisite evening dress.

To make such a headdress or a hair ornament can be made of cardboard, and then wrap it with a cloth, decorate with ribbon, feathers, beads.

You will need

  • - thin hard cardboard-
  • - cloth for the top-
  • - lining cloth-
  • - hat-tape-
  • - material for decoration-
  • - thin foam or sheet sintepon-
  • - the compass-
  • - ruler-
  • - ball pen-
  • - centimeter-
  • - sharp knife-
  • - scissors-
  • - Universal adhesive-
  • - accessories for sewing.



Make the cap with the construction of the base. If it's a hairpin, think about the size of the field. Draw an outer circumference. Draw the radius, set the width of the fields to the center and draw the inner circle. Calculate its length by multiplying the radius by 6.28. Cut out the margins. If you are going to do a tulle in the form of a cylinder and gently cut the fields with a sharp knife, you will immediately get a base for the bottom - the circle that was inside the ring. The basis for a large hat is more convenient to build from the inner circle, because it is equal to the girth of the head.


Trunia in the form of a truncated cone may narrow orExpand upward. In the first case, you just need to reduce the circle intended for the bottom, in the second - you will have to draw this part separately and calculate its length in this way.


Draw a base for the crown. It is a rectangle or an isosceles trapezoid. If the crown is cylindrical, the long side of the rectangle will be equal to the circumference, the short side to the height of the cap. On two long sides and one short, make allowance for gluing. The development of an expanding or tapering trunk is an isosceles trapezoid. Draw a line that is equal to the length of the inner circle of the fields. Find the middle of the line, lift from this point the perpendicular to the height of the crown. Through this new mark draw a line equal to the length of the circumference of the bottom so that it is divided in half at the same point. Connect the ends of the lines. Make allowances.


Translate the pattern to the main and backingthe cloth. From the main material, cut out 2 details for the fields, and on one of them make an allowance along the outer circle, and cut the second precisely along the contour. From the same material, cut out 1 part of the bottom and the crown. From the lining fabric, cut out one piece of the bottom and the crown. A large hat can also be with a gasket made of thin foam or sheet sintepon. Soft parts are glued together with cardboard, and only then the base is assembled.


Glue the cardboard parts. Tighten the bonnet. First glue the inner part of the crown, bending the allowances on the bottom and the margins. The lining does not need to be tightened tightly, you can only glue the edges. Then tighten the outer part of the crown. Stick the bottom. On the top of the fields, glue the part with the allowance. Gently bend the allowance on the bottom of the fields, glue the second ring.


Close the line connecting the crown and fields with tape. For a big hat, it's better to take a special hat band with pronounced edges. The hats can be decorated with a thin satin ribbon or even braid. Decorate your creation. The ribbon can be a bow, a brooch, a decorative rivet, etc.

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