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How to make a hard reboot

How to hard reset

Despite the constant improvement of the software and operating systems, computers and other complex digital techniques have a habit of sometimes "hang out."

If your device does not respond to any action, does not respond to button presses, and may not work properly, it is necessary to do a hard reset.

At the same time about the information that you work with, you can forget: after a reboot, it will likely be lost.



In order to make tough reboot PC, while hovering andsystem malfunctions, press the Reset button on the system case. The computer will forcibly reboot. The Reset button is usually located next to the Power button, which if necessary can also be used to force a system shutdown. To do this, press and hold the Power button for 4-5 seconds.


Management seems laptop managementdesktop computer. However, there are differences. So, for the forced shutdown or restart, use the same button - Power button. To make tough reboot laptop when it freezes and failure to receive a response for a long time, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. You will see the screen goes blank, and internal fans stop.


Mobile phones - the same device, whichregularly indulges its owner hangs. Even if you use a smartphone or communicator, it usually does not relieve you from having to force a reboot when the machine refuses to work normally. To make tough reboot cell phone, press and holda few seconds the on / off button. If this does not work, use more rigid option - remove the battery. Though it is necessary to bear in mind that frequent hang indicate any faults in the software phone that needs to be corrected by other means, rather than a hard reset.

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