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How to make a hard reset


How to make a hard reset</a>

Despite constant improvements in software and operating systems, computers and other sophisticated digital equipment have a habit of sometimes "pendant".

If your device does not respond to any actions, does not respond to button presses and can not work properly, you will have to make a hard reset.

However, you can forget about the information that you worked with: after such a reboot, it is likely to be lost.



In order to make a tough Reboot Personal computer, during the hangup andSystem malfunctioning, click the Reset button located on the chassis of the system unit. The computer starts to force reboot. The Reset button is usually located next to the Power button, which can also be used to force the system to shutdown if necessary. To do this, press and hold the Power button for 4-5 seconds.


Controlling a laptop is like running itA stationary computer. However, there are differences. So, for the forced shutdown or reboot, the same button is used - the Power button. To make a tough Reboot Notebook when it hangs up and does not receive a response for a long time, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. You will see how the screen goes out and the internal fans stop.


A mobile phone is also a device thatRegularly pampers its owner with hanging up. Even if you use a smartphone or communicator, this usually does not save you from having to force a reboot when the device refuses to work normally. To make a tough Reboot Cell phone, press and holdA few seconds on / off button. If this does not work, use a more severe option - disconnect the battery. Although it should be borne in mind that frequent hang-ups indicate some problems in the software of the phone, which need to be corrected by other methods, rather than by a hard reset.

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