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How to make a hanger for kitchen

How to make a hanger for kitchen

Kitchen - this is the same room, like any other, so it can and should be decorated with all sorts of accessories and crafts.

For example, you can make your own hands hanger kitchen.

You will need

  • - Furniture schit-
  • - Paint akrilovye-
  • - A broad piece of cotton kruzheva-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Screws with hooks - 4 piece-
  • - Fixing elements-
  • - elektrolobzik-
  • - Emery brusok-
  • - shilo-
  • - Pencil.



From thick furniture board needs to be doneblank for future hangers. Shape of the product depends on your desire. Once it is ready, it is necessary to treat all of its sandpaper edge. Then cover with paint workpiece. Let it dry completely. Deal with the painted surface of sandpaper. Thus you will attach hangers basis shabby appearance.


Now you need to apply white paint on the worn base hanger. This should be done so that it is evenly covered the first layer of paint.


With the need to draw a pencil line that denotes the width of the strip of lace. Above the band performed draw or trace a milkman with a cup, and then paint the them.


It's time to lace. Wide lace strip of glue along the traced outline around the perimeter of our crafts using PVA glue.


This is followed by hooks to make a hanger. At the lower end of the screw product screws with hooks so that they certainly were at the same distance.


To the product can be suspended, it is necessary to secure the back of the crafts special hanging elements. Kitchen Original hanger ready!

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