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How to Make a Hammock Striped Flight


How to Make a Hammock Striped Flight</a>

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Many people go on trips, make picnics, and someone prefers to spend all their time at the dacha this season.

But what kind of cottage without a hammock, where you can perfectly relax and dream?

That's what I'm offering you to do!

You will need

  • - coarse calico width of 220 cm - 3 m-
  • - kapron fillet with a diameter of 4 mm-
  • - a line with a width of 3 cm - 5.2 m-
  • - shank for shovel-
  • - an acrylic dye in a tone of a coarse-
  • - hacksaw for wood-
  • - chisel-
  • - large sandpaper-
  • - Brush.



From the coarse calico it is necessary to cut 2 rectangles,The size of which is 150x200 centimeters. The resulting cloth fabrics should be folded so that they are facing to each other, then they need to be sewn on 2 short sides. So, there must be a ring. Now stitched together the details flip out. Sutures carefully iron so that the allowances are bent to one side. Cut slices of the desired length from the slings and sew them in 5 centimeters from the edge: on the lower canvas - along the whole edge, on the top - by 35 centimeters from the stitch. Please note that you do not need to cut the line. It must be sewn so that it goes from the lower fabric to the upper one. I think that the scheme and the image of the hammock will make everything clear, since there is nothing complicated in this.


From the slings, cut 4 more segments to 70Centimeters and adjust them where the transition from the lower hammock cloth to the upper one begins. Thus, the product will be much stronger. Then you need to sew the edges of the holes on the crossbar. Hook the workpiece of the hammock and fix it in several places with needles. The strap, which is located on the front side, should be sewn so that the pieces of the slings of the upper and lower blank sheets are connected. They must be sewn along the entire length, but in no case forget that for the crosshairs of the hammock you need to leave a hole of 5 centimeters.


Now lay on the sewing machine lines in 30Centimeters from the edges of the workpiece. Thus, it turned out 2 pockets. From the synthon, you need to cut 2 strips, the size of which is 25x125 centimeters. After they are ready, put them into the received pockets of the future hammock.


The edges of the canvas after padding the synthepone should be folded in about 2 centimeters and fixed with needles, and then sewed.


The packing of the hammock, so that it does not move, should beTo fix. This is very easy to do: just lay 3 fastening stitches along the entire length of the sintepon strips. Please note that the stitches must always be at the same distance.


Next, you need to do crossbars. For this, cut a wooden shovel from the shovel into 2 equal parts. Then in 2 centimeters from each edge of the crossbeams it is necessary to cut out original grooves. In total they will be 8, that is, at each edge of 2 (they should be 1 centimeter from each other). After the grooves are ready, take the chisel and make with it cavities for ropes. Once you have completed this operation, you should process the received cavities with sandpaper, paint the crossbeams with paint and leave them to dry for 2 hours.


It remains to lay the seams in 5 centimeters from the edgeThe upper cloth on the short sides, thus forming the kulisks, that is, the original tunnels for the crossbar. Cross the sticks into the kulisks and fix the ropes on them. Hammock "Striped flight" is ready!

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