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How to make a hammock Striped flight

How to make a hammock Striped flight

Summer - a wonderful time of year. Many people go on trips, picnics, and some prefer to spend this season in all his time at the cottage.

But what a hut without a hammock, where you can relax and dream?

That's it I suggest you do!

You will need

  • - Calico width 220 cm - 3 m-
  • - Nylon rope diameter 4 mm-
  • - Sling 3 cm in width - 5.2 m-
  • - Stalks for lopaty-
  • - Acrylic dye in tone byazi-
  • - Hacksaw derevu-
  • - stameska-
  • - A large emery bumaga-
  • - Brush.



From calico need to carve out a rectangle 2,the amount of which is equal to 150x200 centimeters. The resulting fabric cloth should be folded so that they were facing each other, then they need to be for 2 Sew the short sides. Thus, it should have a certain ring. Now parts sewn together turn out. Sutures are thoroughly proutyuzhte so that allowances are bent to one side. From the lines cut into segments of the desired length and sew them into 5 cm from the edge: on the lower leaf - all along the edge, on the top - at 35 centimeters from stachnogo seam. Note that it is not necessary to cut the sling. It is necessary to sew so that it is passed from the lower to the upper fabric. I think that under the scheme, and the image of the hammock all becomes clear, as this is no big deal.


From the lines cut another 4 segment 70cm and scribbled them where begins the transition from the lower to the upper fabric hammock. Thus, the product will be much stronger. Then you need to sheathe the edge of the hole on the bar. The preform hammock fold and lock in several places needles. Slings, which is on the front side, it is necessary to flash so as to connect the segments slings the upper and lower blank canvases. They need to Sew along the entire length, but in any case, do not forget that you need to leave the bar hammock hole 5 centimeters.


Now lay on the sewing machine stitching 30inches from the edges of the workpiece. Thus, it came out 2 pockets. From syntepon need to cut two strips, the size of which is 25h125 centimeters. Once they are ready, put them in the pockets of the future received a hammock.


The edges of the cloth after printing synthetic padding to bend inwards by about 2 cm and secure them with needles, then sew.


Packing hammock, so that it does not move, it should befix. It is very easy to do: just route the 3 fixing stitch the entire length sinteponovye strips. Note that the stitches should certainly be at the same distance.


Next you need to do the crossbar. For this Saw wooden handle of a shovel into 2 equal parts. Then, 2 inches from each end of the bars must be peculiar to saw grooves. In their turn total 8, i.e. at each edge to 2 (it must be one centimeter apart). After the grooves are ready, take a chisel and made with the help of ropes for depression. Once you have finished this operation, you must handle the resulting cavity with sandpaper, paint to paint the bar and leave them to dry for 2 hours.


It is necessary to lay the seams 5 inches from the edgethe top sheet on the short sides, thereby forming kuliske, that is a kind of tunnel to the crossbar. Drawstring rungs Push in and secure them the ropes. Hammock "Striped flight" is ready!

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