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How to make a Halloween costume for your hands

How to make a costume for Halloween with their hands

Approaching the worst day of the year, and you do not have the appropriate attire?

Costume for Halloween is very easy to do at home with their own hands.

You will need

  • cloth, thread, needles, scissors
  • imagination and good mood



Ghost. The easiest costume can be done if you have a sheet. Cut a hole for the mouth and eyes - and a ghost ready to go out.


Goddess. From ghosts very close to the ancient Greek goddess. We tie up the sheet around the waist and neck, on the head, you can build a wreath made of wire, and for the effective add ketchup stains bloody.


Pirate. To create this image, we need the vest (can be found in the near knitting store) and a strip of black cloth on the eye. And if suddenly you have a little boy - Collect on his toy sword one night to complete the image.


A housewife. Curlers on her head, apron, broom in hand - and the image is ready! For girls, you can make the image more erotic, well, and for men it will effect in any case.


Witch. Little black dress, hat and broom - and you are the most evil witch in the party. possible to finish the warts and other "evil" if you wish.

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