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How to make a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair


How to make a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair</a>

Today, all kinds of creative hairstyles are relevant and fashionable. One of their varieties are hairstyles with the effect of wet hair.

This effect creates the appearance of freshly washed head, and therefore, freshness.

How to make a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair, say the professionals of their craft.



This does not mean that you need to go intoSociety and on the street with really wet hair. To create this effect, you need to do the following: Thoroughly wash the head with shampoo. After that, use a balm that matches your hair type. This will give the hair a smooth and silky appearance.


Dry hair naturally or with a hair dryer to reduce the time of the procedure. It should be noted that drying the hair dryer is much more harmful for the structure of the hair than the natural.


With the help of a comb, apply a special gel that moisturizes the hair and creates the effect of wet hair.


Lay your hair in Hairstyle, Use hairpins and hairpins if necessary.


Secure the received Hairstyle, Using hair spray, if required.


When creating such a hairstyle, you need to haveMind that there are special liquids or gels that already provide fixation of the hairdo, and there are also those that only create the effect of damp hair. Hairspray should be used only for the second type of remedy. The first means does not require the use of lacquer, because in addition to the effect of wet hair, it provides the possibility of fixing the hair.


Moreover, it should be borne in mind that it is impossibleUse simultaneously a means to achieve the effect of wet hair and a means for creating and fixing the volume. After all, they are directly opposite to each other in their actions and results. As a result, neither this nor the other effect will not work.


In addition to the possibility of achieving such an effect inAt home, you can use the services of hairdressing salons. By the way, today these services are very common. After all, fashion, no matter what, dictates its rules. And today there are many who want to do Hairstyle from Effect Wet hair.

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