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How to make a haircut a typewriter


How to make a haircut a typewriter</a>

There is a huge variety of male haircuts,But many men prefer for convenience and practicality very short haircuts, for which a special clipper is used, and not scissors.

Haircut machine is so simple that you can master this method of creating men's hairstyles even at home and then save on the services of a hairdresser.



To the clipper is attached severalNozzles - one nozzle is suitable for cutting the occipital region, the other is for the back of the head and temporal lobes, and the third is for the top of the head. Depending on the changing of the cutting zones, change the nozzles on the machine.


Start the haircut at the back of the head. Comb your hair and process it Machine From the bottom up, holding the typewriter firmly and lifting your head up. Lift the appliance from the bottom up slowly and point it slightly to the side.


After the nape is cut, replaceA nozzle on the machine and repeat a hairstyle, finishing hair length of an occipital zone. Comb your hair and look at the result. Go to the haircut of the lateral hair growth zones and the crown.


Carefully drive the machine from the forehead to the vertex againstDirection of hair growth, then check whether the sides and top of the head are trimmed equally and trim the hair to make the hairline neater.


Comb your hair, set the height lever inPosition for the shortest haircut. Treat the edges of the hairstyle, holding the machine perpendicular to the head and moving it down. Handle edges, slightly touching Machine The surface of the hair.


Similarly, cut the sideburns and give them a flat shape, processing the cut Machine. Around the ears, carefully comb the hair, and then gently bypass each ear Machine With the nozzle removed, skirting the desired contour and touching the hair with one angle of the machine.


In order not to damage the skin of the person you are shearing, always keep the machine perpendicular to the surface of the head and neck.

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