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There is a huge variety of men's haircuts,but many men for the convenience and practicality prefer very short haircuts, which uses a special machine for a hairstyle, not scissors.

Mowing machine is so simple that you can master this technique of creating men's hairstyles, even at home, and then save on Barber.



By clipper includes severaltips - one tip is suitable for cutting the occipital area, the other - to the back of the head and the temporal lobes, and the third - for the crown. Depending on the change of hairstyle zones, change the nozzle on the machine.


Begin to cut from the back. Comb your hair and treat them machine bottom-up, firmly hold the machine and lifted his head up. Lift the appliance slowly from the bottom up and send her a little aside.


Once the neck is His haircut, replacenozzle on the machine and try a haircut, modifying the length of the hair of the occipital area. Comb your hair and take a look at the result. Go to the lateral zones of shearing of hair growth, and the crown.


Gently lead the machine from the forehead to the crown againstdirection of hair growth, and then check whether the same cut side sections and top and then align the hair to make hair care.


Comb your hair, arm height, set inthe position for the shortest haircut. Treat edge hairstyles, keeping the machine perpendicular to the head and dragging her down. Treat the edges, slightly touching machine hair surface.


Similarly, trim the sideburns and give them a flat shape, by treating the cut machine. Around the ears thoroughly comb the hair, and then gently go around each ear machine removed from the nozzle, skirting the right path and touching the hair one machine angle.


To avoid damage to human skin, you are mowing, always keep the machine perpendicular to the surface of the head and neck.

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