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How to make a hairstyle, like Kseniya Borodina

How to make a haircut, like Kseniya Borodina

For a long time the head of XeniaBorodina decorated with braids and long tresses. But one of the celebrations she appeared before a large audience with a graduated bob that is lacking even to the shoulders.

Butch made a famous TV presentercreated a furor among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but because many of them went to beauty salons to do the same square on his head.

The first graded squares with lengtheningVictoria Beckham showed. This happened in 2008. And two years later, this hairstyle conquered the Hollywood. It can be seen at Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock, and many other celebrities. But for Russian girls graduated bob is associated exclusively with the image of Ksenia Borodina. Make a haircut is a snap, but we must remember that it requires a permanent installation.

Graduated bob: steps haircut

Graduated bob perfect girlsface having a rectangular or oval shape. Mowing may have a different length from chin to shoulder. Such a penalty perfectly adjusts the disadvantage of a short neck.

To make the cut, like Kseniya Borodina,the first thing you need to wash your hair and gently dry them. Thereafter, the head should be tilted forward and comb in the direction of growth. The next stage of the hair back are divided into five parts by the whole top of the head and fixed pins, clips. The upper part of the hair is divided in the middle.

To cut locks of hair to start with the edges,moving at the same time from the first graded level, located on the back of his head to the side. Thus it is necessary to make sure that the sides of the hair were longer than on the back of his head.

Now we need to go back to the back and startcreate graded levels. Each strand of hair cut should be at an angle, moving upwards. Graduated level must necessarily terminate in the occipital bone.

After shearing pins are removed and cut off all unnecessary hairs that are not on a par with the rest. The hair on both sides of the head must have the same length.

Laying a graduated bob

The undeniable advantage of the graduated bob is that its styling can be very diverse. The hair can be curled, or simply put on them mousse to add volume.

To perform a stacking penalty, as does theKsenia Borodina need a hairdryer, a cream with smoothing effect, and 10 minutes of free time. On wet just washed hair cream is applied, after which they are dried with a hair dryer and brush. Air direction should be from the top down. Graduated bob looks great on the glossy hair, and because hair after styling spray is recommended sprinkle with glitter effect.

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