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How to make a haircut on short hair


How to make a haircut on short hair</a>

Know how to make a haircut on short hair is very useful. After one day, having learned, you can conjure over the hairdresses of girlfriends and relatives.

And in the future it will allow you to earn extra money.

You will need

  • - usual and thinning scissors-
  • - a straight comb with frequent teeth.
  • - hair clips.



Wash or just a little wet your hair andProperly comb them. Then divide them into zones. Pinch the formed strands on the front-parietal part of the head (from the forehead to the top of the head, the so-called "Iroquois zone").


Start a hairstyle from the temples. Select the strand with the horizontal part and cut it. Next pull a little higher, pull it together with the first at an angle of 45 ° and, focusing on the first strand, cut. Thus, cut all the strands on the temporal area.


Perform the edging of the temples, relying on theirThe idea of ​​what in this area should be a haircut. You can cut off a whiskey corner or leave them long, or cut the hair of the temporal zone in a light semicircle. And you can in a straight line from the eyebrows to the earlobe. Making out the second temporal zone, make sure that the hair is symmetrical.


Continue pulling strands of hairPerpendicular to the head and cut them, moving gradually from the temporal zone to the back of the head. Strand comb out a few centimeters thick, grabbing a little hair from the previous one to cut a new one on it. Increase the length of the hair slightly at the back of the head. In this way, treat the entire occipital region to the middle. Cut the other side in the same order.


Comb the lower part of the hair at the nape andCut off the necessary length. Next, separate the vertical strands (already trimmed) at the occiput so that they grip the severed lower part of the hair, and shear, ensuring that the upper long strands smoothly pass into the lower, short ones.


Take care of the parietal area. Take a strand of hair along the side of the hair, grabbing a piece of cut hair along with it, pull it slightly perpendicular to the head and trim according to the cut hair.


All the hair of the parietal area is combed forward and perform the desired edging (bangs). Comb walk along the top of the head, removing sharp jumps.


Scratch again the entire head in allDirections, cutting sharp transitions and extra hairs. To give the hair look like a true professional haircut, go through the thinning scissors through the hair, cutting 2-3 cm in length.

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