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How to make a hairstyle for short hair

How to make a hairstyle for short hair

To be able to do their own hair cut short hair is very useful. After all, once having learned, you can cast over hairstyle girlfriends and relatives.

And in the future it will provide additional income.

You will need

  • - Normal and thinning nozhnitsy-
  • - Straight with frequent teeth rascheska-
  • - Barrettes.



Wash or just a little wet hair,carefully comb it. Then divide them into zones. Kill the strands formed in the frontal-parietal part of the head (from the forehead to the crown, the so-called "Iroquois zone").


Start a haircut from his temples. Scroll lock with a horizontal parting and trim the it. The next pull a little higher, pull it together with the first at an angle of 45 ° and guided to the first strand, trim the. So cut the locks on all the temporal area.


Follow edging temples, relying on theirrepresentation of what in this area should be cut. It is possible to cut off the whiskey area or leave their long hair cut or temporal area light in a semicircle. And it is possible in a straight line from the eyebrows to the ear lobe. Making a second temporal zone, watch carefully to ensure that hair is symmetric.


Continue to delay the hair strandsperpendicular to the head and to shear them, moving gradually from the temporal area to the back of the head. Strands comb several centimeters thick, grasping the hair slightly from the previous to mow it for a new one. Increase the bit length of the hair at the nape. In this way, treat the entire occipital region to the middle. In the same manner, and the other side of Shear.


Comb the hair on the lower part of the back of the head andcut the required length. Next, separate the strands at the back vertical (already trimmed) so that they captured cut off the lower part of the hair, and cut the, ensuring that the top long strands a smooth transition into the lower, short.


Tackle design parietal region. Take along a side parting hair strand, taking part cut hair with her, pull her little head and perpendicular to the crop in accordance with the cropped hair.


All hair comb out the parietal area forward and do the desired edging (fringe). Comb it over the top of the head, removing sharp transitions.


Comb the entire head once again in alldirections, cutting off the sharp transitions and excess hair. To give the appearance of the hairstyle professional hairstyle, walk thinning hair with scissors, cutting the length of 2-3 cm.

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