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How to make a hairclip Satin bow with your own hands


How to make a hairpin Satin bow</a>

Small women of fashion, like all adult women, like all sorts of jewelry.

Therefore, they will probably have to like the hairpin "Satin Bant", which can be easily done by yourself.

You will need

  • - wide, medium and narrow satin ribbon-
  • - flat base for hairpins-
  • - scissors-
  • - double sided tape-
  • - thread-
  • - glue gun-
  • - brooch-
  • - scissors.



Cut off from a wide satin ribbon such a piece,Which will be 2 times the size of the future bow. Then from two-sided scotch it is necessary to cut off two narrow strips. We glue them to the edges of the tape, then close it in the ring. In the same way we make one more ring from a wide tape.


Then we take two received rings and apply one on the other so that there is at least one and a half centimeters left between them. Places of fastening of rings should be necessarily in the middle of a bow.


We take the thread and with its help we fix the rings from the satin ribbons exactly in the middle.


Next in the course is a tape of medium width. Cut off the strip. It must be bent so that it forms a loop, the ends of which are crossed with each other at an angle of 90 degrees. The inner side of the resulting loop should be pressed to the intersection of the ends of the satin ribbon and fixed exactly in the middle with a thread.


Now you need to connect the bows from the wide and middle tapes to each other, then glue them with an adhesive gun.


From a narrow satin ribbon, cut a small strip. With her help we will close and decorate the center of the bow. This ring can be fixed as an adhesive gun, and sew a thread from the wrong side.


We decorate the hairpin. To do this, you need to cut out a strip of narrow satin ribbon, which is exactly twice as long as the base of the barrette. We paste adhesive tape on the tape.


We begin to glue the barrette from the inside, after which we go to the outside. Remember that on the outside you need to cover not only the barrette itself, but also all its notches and bends.


It remains only to paste the hairpin to our hand-made. We do it with the help of a glue gun. Hairpin "Satin bow" is ready!

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