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How to make a hairstyle for a haircut bob

How to make a hairstyle for a haircut bob

Many believe that in the short hair, namely,on the square, make a fashionable hairstyle impossible. In fact, you can create many different at such length hair, very beautiful hair, spending a minimum of your time.

To do this, do not necessarily have the skills barber.

Bob haircut has appeared many centuries ago. It happened in ancient Egypt. And if it were exclusively male. Women have expressed interest in this hairstyle only in the 20s of the twentieth century. Today it is recognized as one of the most popular hairstyles among the representatives of the fair half of mankind, as the square looks great on almost all types of persons. This option is chosen haircut and a business woman, and a girl, preferring only a slight romantic image.

Curls on the quads

Curly on the quads can make an image of a light and romantic. With curls depending on their type, you can create a cutting-edge, and an image in retro style.
Curls effect perm
To do this hairstyle, you need to cookpins, rubber bands and hair spray, after which you can start to create it. To do this, comb your hair washed and dried, and then share them on the same strands, each of which is neatly wrap on the pin and secure with a rubber band. Once all the locks will nakrucheny, sbryznete their varnish and leave for two hours, after which unwind studs and fingers gives hair a complete form, not forgetting to use with a special wax or hair wax.
Large curls
Make big curls on the square is a snap. To do this, wash your hair and drain them with a towel. After that, the slightly damp hair, apply mousse and wind them on the large curlers. Dry the hair dryer and remove the curlers. Dividing strands hands, lock curls varnish obtained.
The effect of wet hair
To create this effect, apply to wet hair and the foam model the hair and then dry it with a hairdryer. If you have curly hair from nature, not necessarily to use a hair dryer.

Greek bob hairstyle

On the square you can also make and fashionable Greekhairstyle. To do this, you need to comb your hair and put on a bandage on his head. If you have bangs, do not collect it eraser. Cover bandage bang, if it is not - divide hair into a smooth parting, and only then put on a bandage. Now you need to carefully comb the hair so that the bandage is not flew.
Separate a small section and replace it under thearmband. So we will need to do the following, and a lock, and so on until the middle of the head. The second part of the hair in the same way as the first, is put under the gum. Hairstyle is ready, secure it with varnish.

How to make a three-dimensional square

Making hairstyle volume is possible by means of thea conventional dryer. To this end, a round brush, lift the single strand at the root and dry it with a hairdryer. The same must be done with all strands. But remember, the air should not be too hot. Otherwise, you are strongly desiccate your hair.

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