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Photos of your pet

Amateur photographers is difficult to make a good picture of your favorite pet, unless, of course, he does not sleep.

But you want to capture the most interesting moments, when the animal is playing, eating, hunting.

There are a few secrets to laymen, to get a good picture of your favorite pet.



Shoot the animal in the most comfortable environment for him in which he looks natural. For example, at home or at your favorite spot on the walk of the game.


To select the photo turned out spectacularbright moments in the behavior of the animal. If you do not have time to shoot them, use the option when the camera or the phone provides several consecutive shots. Then Choose the best and most expressive images.


It often happens that the flash frightens and dazzles the animal, so will be recording where there is a bright natural light. Think about the background, so it was not colorful and not distract the attention.


Try to take their pets at eye level. So animal portraits are obtained in an optimum perspective.

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