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How to make a gnome for the garden?


How to make a gnome for the garden?</a>

Garden figures decorate and ennoble the country plot. They serve as important elements of landscape design, they can give a complete look to the garden image you created.

Focusing on your material and creative abilities, make a gnome for the garden with your own hands.

Preparation of materials for garden gnome

To create a gnome of papier-mache stock upPaper egg trays. They will require a large number. Break the trays into small pieces, having adapted a plastic bucket for this. Pour the resulting scraps of boiling water so that all the paper was immersed in water, and leave for a day to swell.

Drain excess water and grind the resulting mass with your hands. You can use a fork or a mixer. Mix the homogeneous dough. Add a little PVA glue so that you get a plastic mass.

If the papier mache is too liquid, transfer it to gauze and hang it over a bowl to allow excess water to glass.

Cover the table with plastic wrap orNewspapers. Make a design of a five-liter plastic bottle and a plastic or rubber ball. A bottle is a gnome's body, and a ball is a head. You can fasten it with a wire or put on glue. So that your garden beauty turns out to be sustainable, pour sand or gravel into the bottle.

Fill the mounting foam with old garden gloves of small size. Leave the foam to swell and dry. From the foam, make the soles of shoes. Mold the shoes with papier-mache.

For the base of shoes you can use small plastic bottles. Cut them around the neck, bend it and fix it with adhesive tape. Fill the bottle with foam, and glue the papier-mâché on top.

Making gnomes for the garden

Blister the structure with paper pulp. Apply it in thin layers with intermediate drying. Form the face of a gnome with a beard. For eyes, you can use a halved tennis ball or beads. Mold the garden figure hat.

Back out from below by 1/3 and blur wavy bottomShirt. On the remaining part, make a vertical furrow, having received panties near the garden figure. Hands in the shirt can be molded separately, then attached to the body, and you can immediately make them on the gnome. For brushes, take the blanks from the mounting foam extracted from the gloves. Attach prepared shoes.

Dry your gnome. Sand with sandpaper if necessary. Soak your workpiece with a moisture resistant primer. Then cover the work with acrylic putty and re-primed. Draw with acrylic paints. Finish with a coat of yachts. Your dwarf is ready to be planted in the garden.

When making a gnome, consider the possibility of inserting into his hand a flashlight with a solar battery. Then in your evening garden there will be little lighting.

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