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How to make a gift from paper

Bouquet of sweets - beautiful and tasty</a>

When you give a gift, you always want him to become something special and memorable for its owner. The gift industry is rapidly expanding its horizons.

But at the same time, gifts made with their own hands did not lose their special value.

You can make a chic bouquet of sweets using paper, glue and some other tools and materials.

You will need

  • * Crepe paper (corrugated paper) of pink and green color-
  • * Glue-
  • * Scissors-
  • * Fine wire and wire for stems-
  • * Round candy-
  • * Gold paper.



The sweets should be wrapped in gilded paper. To do this, cut out the square with the expectation that it will be possible to wrap the candy in it. Collect all the ends in one ponytail and fasten it with wire. The drawn ends will become a rose bed.


Take pink crepe paper and cut out of it 2Square 6 * 6 cm. Round one side of the squares. The rounded cut must be across the corrugation. Give the workpieces the shape of the petals, stretching the middle. There will be two convex petals. Place the petals on each other with a slight offset, drip the glue and wrap them with a candy, squeezing and twisting the base.

Try to observe the proportions


To bud it is necessary to paste sepals. Make a four-petal sepal from green crepe paper. Lubricate the bottom with glue and wrap the sepal bud. Trim off excess ends, gently insert a thick wire into the center of the pedicel and tape with a tape cut from green paper, masking the cut. Petals straighten, you can stretch the edges a little, so that they turn out more voluminous

This is how a flower looks without candy. She was already eaten


A flower with candy is ready. In the design of the bouquet, be guided by your own taste, using floral accessories: a gift mesh, a film, pearl beads. If you want to make a large round bouquet, then make a semi-circular semi-circular semi-finished product. In it you will stick roses. The truth will need a lot of them. Then gently drape the substrate. You can also just collect roses 15-17, like a normal bouquet and tie them with a gift bow.


Remember that bouquets of sweets are quite heavy, so they should have a solid base. For the same reason, do not make the stem of the rose too long.

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