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How to make a garden swing

How to make a garden swing

Swings - a symbol of childhood and carefree.

Remember the popular song about the winged swing as it lightness and joy.

And imagine how much fun it will bring garden swing for the cottages, made with his own hands!

Garden swings from a tree

In the manufacture of garden swings to properlyfor them to establish the pillars. Of course, the support of the iron will be more reliable and more durable than of boards and logs. However, it can only be done by using the welding machine. For those who do not have such an opportunity, you can opt for a solid wooden support arm capable of supporting the weight of 120 to 150 kg.

For the manufacture of garden swings, you will need:
- 9 pieces well prostrugannogo beam 5x10 cm or 10x10 cm (for greater reliability) -
- Metal corners for connecting beams between soboy-
- shurupovert-
- samorezy-
- 2 plywood or canvas reyki-
- Metal corners for krepezha-
- Bars for the frame under the seat, back, and for the manufacture of podlokotnikov-
- A cable (metal, synthetic material or in the form of chains with large links) -
- Hanging hooks for attachment to the bar or 2 metal brackets wide 4-hugolnogo section with lugs on kontsah-
- Clamps, cable clamps.

The cable may be metallic, made of synthetic material or in the form of chains with large links. Chains are not subject to weathering, safer, very decorative.

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Making garden swing start with carriersupport. Assemble the bottom frame, which will be attached to the vertical rails. As for the size of the boards for the frame, it depends on the size of the desired swing seat. The best option is to seat depth of 50-60 cm and a length of about 160-180 cm. The frame is wider swing seats must be about 40-50 cm to ensure their sustainability.

Bars securely fasten metal corners. If the swings are not located on the tiled / an asphalt / concrete surfaces, and on the open ground, then to avoid or delay the process of rotting wood beams bottom of the frame to be processed bitumen. In addition, all wooden parts for garden swings should be treated with special antiseptics. When the frame is ready for it with the help of screws and parts are mounted vertical bars that will serve as pillars. As a result, you get 2 large triangles. These top of the need to attach a horizontal crossbar.

Now you can start manufacturing shops. We must act in the same sequence, starting with the implementation of the framework of the bars. Framework should have two pieces - one seat and one for the back. After that, a framework or plywood screw or nail rails.

Connect the back corners of the seat. The angle between the seat and back should be about 120 ° in order to achieve greater comfort for travelers. Further, armrests can be fastened - 2 bar interconnected at an angle of 90 °. However, this is not necessary, because you can do without the armrests. Fix the brackets or hooks on the top of the bar, pass through the openings the chain or wire. Its length, measure so that when sitting on the swing could socks to get to the ground. After that, fasten seat.

On the main part of the work on manufacturinggarden swing made. However, you can not dwell on this and, for example, to add a tent ready to swing. To this end, the frame of the bars stretch any fabric and fix the resulting tilt toward the top of the swing. Next nuance - the stiffness-seat bench. You can put on a sofa or seat 2 made specifically for swing cushions. For greater longevity for desirable polushkas make Case oilcloth or polyethylene. Garden swings can be placed in the garden, on the lawn in the country, in the shadow of the branches near the house in the village.

Rope Swing

You can also make your own hands babyrope swing. They are best placed on a branch of a large tree. If you have a young tree garden, and this is not available on the site, you can make a supportive framework or use a branch of timber. In the second embodiment, the beam must be taken with a length of 3 m and a diameter of 12.5 cm and tie it with a rope to a tree, situated between two strong branches. Flight logs must have a length of about 1 m. And arrange a "branch" should be at a height of 2.6 m above the ground.

We should not forget that the main thing in the design - its safety, especially if you are making a swing for children. After completion of the work do not forget to check out the finished product strength.

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To make rope "swing", yousizalsky need a cable with a diameter of 1.3 cm. The ends of the cable tie with string to its fiber does not dissolve. Rope to tie the branch or beam, making a loop and 3 knots. The distance between the ropes should be from 50 cm. Using the same loop of rope knots and then attached to the seat.

For rope swing seat can be made of 2small logs 70 cm long with a diameter of about 8.5 cm and the distance between the ropes 50 cm. Rope rewound between the logs and wrap around each of them, tying at 3 knots. Against the backdrop of the garden are garden swing looks attractive and naturally, but they are not always convenient. However, you can make them soft covers. The seat can take a flexible and secure it to the carabiner. Subsequently, the seat can be removed in order to replace it with another.

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