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How to make a game of noughts and crosses with mushrooms

noughts and crosses

Turn the game tic-tac-toe in the meadow mushroom. This game is a new form becomes clear even to very young children.

In addition to logic, the child will develop a tactile and color perception and spatial reasoning.

You will need four tubules for a cocktail, containers from the Kinder Surprise two colors, caps and white paint. Corks white acrylic paint or gouache, mixed with PVA glue.

To obtain two kinds of caps, half of theThey glue plastic superglue drops. The other half of decorate by placing the point of acrylic paint with a cotton swab. Clay or button, attach the cap to the legs.

Duct lay in a 3x3 cell and bind them together, at the intersection, tape or tie the thread. Golf is ready.

You can also make the mushrooms using buttons instead of the containers from the Kinder Surprise. Hats-buttons can be glued or sewn to the legs.

How to play. Can only participate in the game by two players. Players take turns putting one in your mushroom empty cell. The main task of the players: first to build his three mushroom in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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