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HOW do float

A good float will help you to notice the movement of bait faster

Many fishermen know that for a good fishing need a good fishing rod, fishing line, bait and a bobber.

When the float can help determine whether or not the bite is.

This is very important, especially if you are engaged in so-called? Passive fishing rod ?, when standing on your palm, and you stay on the sidelines and wait for the fish.

You are free to make yourself a nice float yourself by reading these instructions before it.

You will need

  • foam melkodispersnyy-
  • File-
  • Knife-
  • Glue-
  • Sandpaper-
  • Toothpick-
  • Steel provoloka-
  • Sinker-
  • Water-resistant black paint.



So, all the materials are ready? You can begin. Take a piece of foam the size of the fine 12h1h1 see, file or knife give it the shape of a spindle. Now, take the sandpaper (less granularity, the better) and sand the surface of the workpiece so that it is smooth to the touch.


After fabrication of the blanks floatyou can start making accessories. To do this, take a piece of thick and strong steel wire with a diameter of about 1 mm. The length should be a piece of 4-4.5 cm. So you get a rod for fixing the float.


Now take a wooden toothpick and itSet a small ball or bead of a bright color, so that it was clearly visible. The loop for passing the fishing line can be made from a piece of copper wire.


After this, use an awl to breachhole in the workpiece, all of the grease fitting properly glue and insert them into the corresponding holes on the foam piece. Wait until the glue dries.


Float now need to paint. It is better to use for this purpose, water-resistant black lacquer. Do not paint over the top of or color it white. On the antenna is better to put the paint bright red color.


On top of the float weighted so that when it is immersed in water only its tip protruded from the antenna.

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