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HOW TO make a flat stomach by the usual thread

How to make a flat stomach by the usual thread

There is a system of exercise that does not require great physical energy. This gymnastics is based on a set of exercises, muscles straining.

On the basis of this method the therapist Sammy Margo developed a simple exercise that allows you to discreetly train your abdominals every day.

You will need:

- A piece of thick string or rope.

Fully retract the stomach, and then relax it by about half. Now we have to tie a string around the waist at this level (when the abdominal muscles are stretched by half).

Now thread the pressure is a kind reminder for you that should keep the abdominal muscles tense.

We must try to keep the press during the day as long as possible. Do this while working, walking, when sitting, standing or performing chores.

With the help of a simple thread your belly in the near future will become more flat. This exercise will continue to affect the underlying muscles of the body, leading them to the tone.

This technique is indispensable for people who are immobile lifestyle. It will help them to become more active.

This exercise can be done, even those who regularly attends classes at the gym. Continuous compression of the abdominal muscles will also go to their advantage.

With conventional thread you will soon notice howimprove your posture and leave the habit of constantly stooping. Good posture has a positive effect on the hormonal and nervous systems of the body, and you will look much slimmer.

The habit of stooping causes that belly bulge, and his shoulders hunched look. When incorrect posture even fairly flat belly seems bigger.

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