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How to make an even floor


How to make an even floor</a>

Uneven floors cause inconvenience: the furniture rises unevenly, the carpets can not be vacuumed, and a lot of other shortcomings also take place. Align the floor in several ways.

By quality, they will not differ from each other, except at a price.



The easiest and easiest way is to useA mixture of "liquid floor", you can buy it in construction stores. The cost of the floor is quite high. Dilute the mixture according to the directions on the package and pour the solution onto the floor. In principle, it is distributed evenly and without participation in the process of man, but you can help it a little and stretch the mixture with a spatula. It will dry up in 24 hours, and with a thicker layer of coating, after about two days. But do not rush to bring furniture into the room, if the inner layer is not sufficiently dried, you will spoil all the work.


A cost-effective option is a solution ofCement with sand. The proportion should be 1 to 3. If you have a concrete mixer, add 1 bucket of cement and 3 buckets of sand, pour the water so that the solution resembles thick sour cream in consistency. Without the machine, you can mix components in a bucket with a mixer. Pour into the floor and spread with a spatula. After the coating has dried, you can start using the room.


All the works you can order in anyConstruction firm, you will do everything qualitatively and on time. And also you will receive a warranty period, during which, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the work will have to be remade. The warranty service covers only those cases where the coating begins to break down without the mechanical impact on it.

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