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How to make a flat floor

How to make a flat floor

Uneven floors deliver inconveniences: furniture rises unevenly, carpets vacuumed inconvenient, and many other shortcomings, too, have a place to be. Align floor in several ways.

The quality they will not be different from each other, except for the price.



The simplest and easiest way - usemixture "liquid floor", it is possible to buy in DIY stores. The cost of the floor is obtained sufficiently high. Spread the mixture in accordance with the directions on the package and pour the solution on the floor. In principle, it is distributed evenly and without the participation of human process, but can little contribute to this, and to stretch the mixture with a spatula. All dry after 24 hours, while a thicker coating layer, after about two days. But do not rush to make furniture in the room, if the inner layer is not sufficiently dried out, you will spoil all the work.


Cost-effective option - a solution ofcement with sand. The proportion should be 1 to 3. If you have a concrete mixer, add 1 bucket of cement and 3 buckets of sand, pour water to the solution resembled a thick cream consistency. Without the machine can mix components in a bucket with a mixer. Pour on the floor and drag a spatula. After drying of the coating can start to operate the facilities.


All work can be ordered at anya construction company, you will do everything well and on time. And you get a warranty period during which the work will have to remake when unforeseen circumstances arise. For warranty service include only those cases where the coating begins to break without mechanical action on it.

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