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How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

If your character maynkraft tired of war and improvement work at home, try to provide him with a fishing rod and go fishing. Fishing - the process is very exciting, not only in life.

Learn how to make a fishing rod in Maynkraft, and enjoy the process.

As crafted bait in Minecraft

To make the bait in the game, you must get three sticks and string.

For the manufacture of the majority of subjectsMaynkraft needs workbench. It is made of wood sticks. By the way, the tree in the game you can get anytime, anywhere, with its many never will be.

The thread does not need to craft. To make a rod for maynkraft the line, you need to find a mob spider and kill him, then pick up the web. It can also be found in the abandoned mines.

For the manufacture of rods should be placed all the items on the bench, after which you can go on a fishing trip.

How to use a fishing rod in the game Maynkraft

To fish in the game can be absolutely any body of water, even in the pond, which you have done for the beauty around your own home.

To throw a rod, you need to get up close towater and press the right mouse button. As well as fishing in real life, you need to monitor the movement of the float. When he was hidden under the water, you can pull out the bait of the same button. If you make it in time, then caught fish displayed in a backpack. And if you are late, you will not catch because the fish fall through and float away, like in real life.

Very comfortable to fish from a boat. Also good bite in rainy weather. To serve you longer rod, it can be enchanted for strength.

Fishing Tackle maynkraft can be used not onlyfor its intended purpose. It is also possible to pull up to his monster, but, unfortunately, it can not be killed this way. The same can rotate and the boat, located in the middle of the pond. Also, the rod can reach the pressure plate, if it is in a remote place.

Make bait maynkraft need and those players who are planning to go on a pig. If you hang it on the carrots, then it will be an excellent management tool.

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