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How to make a fireplace


You can make a brick fireplace yourself</a>

Contemplation of fire always brings peace. It has been so since ancient times, when the tamed fire began to heat people, cook food and protect them from formidable predators.

Therefore, the fireplaces are still so popular and it is unlikely that their popularity will ever come to naught. Now there are many kinds of fireplaces working on different fuels.

A classic firewood fireplace can be built in any house where fire safety requirements are met.

Before the construction of the fireplace it is necessary to draw up a project.

It's much easier to use the ready one.



A traditional fireplace is laid out of bricks. It is possible to distinguish 4 constructive parts of a fireplace: a foundation, a furnace, a portal and a chimney.
The laying of the foundation is carried out to a depth of 60See the width, the foundation should be 5 cm more than the cap in all directions. A 15-centimeter layer of crushed stone is laid on the bottom, a box without a bottom is placed on the bottom. Its walls must be isolated from moisture by bitumen, insulating and other insulating materials. The box is filled with large stones and the top is poured with a layer of concrete, proceeding from the proportions of 1 part of cement to 3 parts of sand. This layer should be below the floor level of 7 cm. Concrete is smoothed and left to dry. When the foundation dries (ideally, it takes a week to take it), it is covered with two layers of waterproofing and proceed to the next stage.


Next stage ? brickwork. For her, a clay solution is bred. Separately, we need to say about the brick. The best brick for a fireplace? This brick is of medium degree of roasting. It is red in appearance, when it taps, it rings, when it breaks, it breaks into large pieces and does not crumble. Each brick before you put the patch should be held in the water until the bubbles cease to stand out. This is done so that the brick does not absorb water from the solution and does not loosen the connection. The first layer is laid out with a solution in which cement is added for strength. Each row should be checked for horizontal and vertical. Continuous rows are laid out with a trowel, and where it is required to lay a smoke box or other part, the solution is smoothed by hands.

In the process of laying the mortar must be removed from the walls of the fireplace, so that later it does not collapse and does not clog the chimney and the firebox.


The device of the chimney. The chimney is laid out of bricks, the pipe that is on the street is additionally insulated. Insulate glass wool with other non-flammable insulating materials.
When the chimney is complete, onlyConnect the firebox (metal box) to it and make a test furnace. It's okay if the smoke is more than expected, with the first furnace it happens.

When the fireplace is ready, you just need to give it an aesthetic appearance in accordance with the design project.

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