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Brick fireplace you can do yourself

Contemplation of the fire always brings peace. So happened since ancient times, when tame the fire began to warm people, to cook and to protect against the menacing predators.

Therefore, for fireplaces still so popular and hardly ever their popularity will come to naught. Now there are many types of fireplaces, working on various fuels.

Classic fireplace that runs on wood can be built in any home where fire safety requirements are met.

Before the construction of the fireplace is necessary to draw up a draft.

It is much easier to use ready.



Traditional fireplace laid with bricks. You can select 4 design of the fireplace: the foundation, firebox, chimney and portal.
Laying the foundation is carried out to a depth of 60cm. In width, the foundation should be 5 cm larger than the cap all fit pyatnadtsatisantimetrovy storony.Na bottom layer of gravel on the set neg box without a bottom. Its walls must be isolated from moisture bitumen, Izola and other insulating materials. The box is filled with large rocks on top and poured layer of concrete on the basis of a ratio of 1 part cement to 3 parts sand. This layer must be below floor level by 7 cm. Concrete smooth down and allowed to dry. When the foundation is dry (ideally it should take a week), his dim two layers of waterproofing and proceed to the next step.


Next stage ? brickwork. For it is diluted clay solution. Separately, it must be said about the brick. Best bricks for a fireplace? this average brick roasting degree. It is red in appearance, when tapped rings when broken, it is broken into large pieces and does not crumble. Each brick before it is necessary to put the cover to hold in water until the bubbles do not stop in. This is done in order to not brick absorbs water from the solution and does not weaken the connection. The first layer is spread with a solution which is added to cement strength. Each number must be checked on the horizontal and vertical. Solid ranks spread with a trowel, and where you want to publish smoke box or other item, and the solution is smoothed by hand.

In the process of laying the solution you need to remove from the walls of the fireplace, so that in the future he will not collapsed or clogged chimney and firebox.


The device chimney. Chimney spread from a brick, an additional insulated pipe, which is located on the street. Insulated with glass wool other non-combustible insulating materials.
When the chimney is finished, there is onlyconnect it to the firebox (metal box) and make a test furnace. It's okay if the smoke will be greater than expected when the first furnace is happening.

When the fireplace is ready, just need to give it aesthetic appearance according to a design project.

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