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How to make a financial report


How to make a financial report</a>

The financial statements areA certain set of accounting indicators, which are reflected in the form of tables describing the movement of property, liabilities, as well as the financial position of the firm for the reporting period. Also, this report includes a chart of data on the financial situation of the organization, the results of its activities, as well as its changes in the financial situation.

A report is compiled based on data taken from accounting.



The preparation of financial statements includesTwo main stages: the preparation of materials and its subsequent compilation and presentation. In preparing for the preparation of a financial report, it is necessary to complete all available accounting transactions that occur at the end of the reporting period, and to verify all financial data that are required for the preparation of the financial statements.


At the same time, when preparing the compilationFinancial statements, calculate the taxes payable, conduct an inventory of the company's assets and correct any errors that have been found during the accounting in this period.


Drawing up of the financial reporting make according to the described requirements, and also according to various methodical departmental instructions. Financial Accountability Must be presented on time to allInterested parties, the list of which is also determined by law, and this document must be signed and certified in accordance with all requirements for the execution of documents that are applicable to financial statements.


The financial statements should include a variety of documents. First of all, the balance sheet. After all, this document reflects the financial position of the enterprise in the reporting period.


The annual financial Accountability Explanatory note. In it, explain the points of filling out all forms of financial reporting, give other required explanations, with which the given Accountability Becomes more objective and more visible.


In turn, in the explanatory note you canUse charts, graphs or tables. In the text of the explanatory memorandum, explain the principles of assessing all production stocks of the enterprise, give an analysis of their use, explore ways to make full use of the company's potential, and improve the skills of employees.


Attach the income statement to the financial statements. He describes in detail all the financial results of the firm for the reporting period.


Include in Accountability Also the following reports: On the movement of the capital of the enterprise - this document will be able to show how the composition of the firm's funds changes, a report on the movement of all funds, which will make it possible to comprehend the expenditure of these funds of the firm, their revenues and balances.


Reflect in the financial statements information about the company's borrowed funds, its debts and loans.

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