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How to make a film one

How to make a film one

Sometimes each of us wakes up in a brilliant director. You can certainly put a great performance.

And, you can try to make a film. It's all a lot easier? and the actors lose their relevance.

The whole world ? one large stage area, and simple enough cameras to meet the director raging inside.



First of all, you need a script. Given the fact that we are not Hollywood stars, it is enough to more or less acceptable to perceive the plot a bit of dialogue, action, ties and logical conclusion. Although the? Decoupling? problems can be done and unexpected. The main thing that it was logical.


The script is. You can begin to develop costumes. Given the fact that the film we shoot one, therefore, we also there and play. Therefore, the question of clothing is particularly acute one actor will not rise. Especially if you make a film in the style of art-house. In this case, all the costumes? this is the usual clothes that you have in the closet.


Now came the turn of the most difficult. Shooting. Taking into account the fact that the entire creative team consists of one person, one can tell immediately that the time it takes enough. Each stage will have to retake several times from different angles. The camera can be mounted on a stand. But we must take care that the protective barrier, or the first breakthrough of the wind has been exposed? and we lose the main working tool.


After the material is filmed, go toinstallation. You can use the editing program Sony Vegas Video. Running the program window, we find there are several tracks for editing. The top track is designed to work with video, the bottom track? to work with audio files. After installation you need to do a video installation of sound. This can be done through the same program, as it allows us as a? Cut? the finished material, and there is self-record their own.


After all the above indicated actions do captions, background music set, keep the material in a convenient format for you, and get pleasure from watching their own work.

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