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How to make a file fee

How to file fee

Holders of unique files that they want to download a lot of visitors the Internet can make a profit from their files - documents, images, e-books, techniques.

To realize this idea is quite simple - just use a special service.



There are platforms of purchase and sale of digital products. One of the most popular Russian-language sites - "Plati.ru" (http://plati.ru). By registering on the site as a seller, you can link your WebMoney purse to your account and download the file for sale. The price is up to you. To successfully sold items, you must add the site a detailed description of the beautiful, listing all the advantages of the file and all the benefits that receive pokupatel.Na "Plati.ru" potential buyers can ask presale questions to the seller through the special form chat, so be ready for them reply. Each file in the "Plati.ru" can be resold countless times.


You can also use paidsharing services and place a link to download the file on entertainment websites and portals, matching topics. Such services provide sites Cash Magnat (http://cashmagnat.ru/), ZIP Coin (http://zipmoney.su) and many others. It is easy enough to find them through the search sistemu.Fayloobmennik works under the scheme: the user downloads your file, send SMS, to get the password to unzip it, and part of the funds debited from your mobile bill comes to your account. Cost of SMS you define yourself. Most paid fayloobmennikov it ranges from 30 to 300 rubles.


In addition, with WinRAR you can create an archivemounted on it with a password. Click on the file, right-click and select Add To Archive context menu. In the resulting window WinRAR - Archive name and parameters - select the Advanced tab, and then click Set Password ... in special fields, enter the password twice and click OK.Posle do this, go in and Comment tab in the Enter a comment manually enter a comment to the file. Here you can specify a file payment method, for example, your wallets - WebMoney, Yandex, LibertyReserve, and even your bank account number. Also, do not forget to include your e-mail and / or phone number to contact you as a seller. Users download the file, can not unpack it until you know the password.

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