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How to make a festive table

Skillful design can make the table a truly festive

Feast - Russian character of any holiday, whether it's a birthday or New Year. Each hostess for the arrival of guests or for your family is trying to make a solemn special menu.

To the festive table was a success, it is preparing to do in advance. Think through the list of dishes, the overall concept.

And also do not forget about the decorations, because the eyes have to please not only dishes, but also the appearance of the table.



Decide on a holiday theme. From it will depend on the choice of food and decorations for the table. If it's winter celebration, use the table in the design of fir branches and cones, red and gold ribbons. In summer, decorate your fortable cut flowers, garden or field. You can put a large bouquet in the center or make a few little elegant compositions and place them between the plates. Even the color of the tablecloth and napkins, you can pick up the tone to the overall design.


Write a list of dishes that you want to see onhis desk. Be sure to include it in some of your proprietary recipes. It is not necessary to collect the table from untrusted dishes: they can not get the first time. Combine classic and innovation. For example, you can make at home conditions and sushi rolls to surprise guests. But at the same time to put the traditional "herring under a fur coat" for those who are suspicious of modern Japanese cuisine.


Take care of dishes, from which you will eat and drink. Pre-check that on the plates and glasses were no chips or cracks. Note that for the ceremonytable assumes full serving, including table knives for each guest, and the shovels, and no spoons for overlapping layered salads, special wide fork pasta (pasta).


Pay special attention to the festive drinkstable. Consider that each guest will drink: you must have a set of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Traditional version: wine, vodka, cognac, champagne, juice, mineral water, soda. If you want something original, surprise guests cocktails. You will need: special glasses (quite fit the broad square), ingredients (vodka, liqueurs, juices or syrups, rum - depending on the type of cocktail) and decorations (paper umbrellas, straws, slices of lemon or orange, cranberries or strawberries) .


Do not forget about the children, if they are expected toyour holiday. Ideally, for them it is possible to arrange a separate table, but if this is not possible, entertain children special children's champagne, desserts (eg, ice-cream cake) and fun design dishes. Any ordinary salad, for example, can be converted into a soccer ball if to give it the shape of a hemisphere, thickly fill finely grated egg white and decorate with figured laid out in the form of octahedron pieces of prunes.

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