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By purchasing a vacation home, villa or land, we are often faced with the necessity of erecting fences around their possessions.

As they say,? My house? my castle?!

You will need



Thinking about the need to protect your homeor just a section of fence is to determine the order of the type of fence you need. This can be a blank stone wall, a fence made of galvanized iron, wooden fence, fence mesh, netting, or any other, which is enough of your imagination. Consider a method of making a simple, but elegant wooden fence.


Mark the area which will enclose. To do this, pull on its perimeter cord or rope.


At intervals of 2 - 2.5 meters dig in the groundpit depth of 700mm, 150-200mm in diameter to exceed the diameter of the pipe, which will serve as a framework fence. Do not forget to provide for the future of the fence gate and gate!


Cut the pipe length 1800mm in the number of dug wells and installing the pipe in the hole, using concrete reinforce get the post.


Drill holes in the pipes needed forfixing wooden bars in a horizontal position between the posts. The holes should be drilled in each column in two places: at an altitude of 600 and 1200 mm from the ground. It is at this altitude will be two lines of wooden bars that serve as support for facial boards.


Secure pillars on metal bars around the perimeter in the horizontal position.


Cut the boards, a minimum length of 2000mm, and nail the vertical to the finished frame, without worrying about the flat top of the fence line.


Cut the top planks later, afteroutlining a smooth vertical line. Top of the resulting intake can also crop, outlining the wavy line smooth semicircles from one post to another - so the fence will look prettier.


Having made the gate and the gate, fasten them to the posts using strong loops.


Paint both sides of the fence with pretreated boards drevozaschitnym antiseptic.

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