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How to make a trick

The beauty of football - is not only a bright attack and impressive goals, but also a masterful execution of various tricks and strokes.

There are 5 ways to beat the original opponent.



We catch the opponent on protivohode false movement. You can perform both dynamic and static. In general, any trick becomes more efficient when running on speed, but some (especially at low level of the opponent's skill) can be successfully used and standing still. When control of the ball draw close with the enemy and show, if the right start to get it. Opponent responds, and at this point you need to regroup and shift the body in the opposite direction - it is called "catch on protivohode". By all the laws of physics to the second movement of the enemy will not have time to react, but for now it will stop and turn around, you're able to safely escape from it.


"Wobble" false rival movements. Strongly not coming close, we perform rapid alternating circular motion feet around the ball (false) and at some point picks up the ball and go to the side. React to a fraudulent action when it is running at a high speed and precision of movement is extremely difficult. Performing feint requires good coordination achieved multiple workouts.


Become closer to the opponent and do a full on trackrevolution around its axis (360 degrees), covering the ball housing. At the same time keep the ball under control, so to speak, "a shifting of the feet." At the time of turnover necessary to stop the ball with one touch, and the second icing on the course already at the end of a turn.


Especially convenient fin, if the ball does not roll, andRides on the field. Then you just need a slight movement of the legs to hook it up, throw the enemy through, then go around it, picking up speed, while, as the enemy still need to be developed first, and only then start moving in pursuit of you.


Then a rather complicated trick. The ball is in front of you. The heel of one foot you hit him back, and the toe of the second leg sharply beat forward by the opponent (both these movements must be carried out in tandem as quickly as possible), passing immediately from the acceleration.
In conclusion, we note that it is not necessaryto perform the same trick a few times in a row - a good quarterback quickly becomes accustomed to your tricks. Vary your style of play tricks and thus leave with the nose of his opponents.

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