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How to make a fan of disposable forks


Bright sun delights us with its warmth, but the hot summer it will bake seriously.

And then every little princess really need a fan, but not simple, decent and its Crowned person!

You will need

  • - 21-25 disposable forks
  • - 1 m wide lace
  • - braid
  • - Lace butterfly or artificial flower
  • - Unnecessary CD
  • - Glue-gun or torque
  • - Thick white cardboard
  • - Corrugated cardboard packaging
  • - Scissors, pencil, glass



Attach unnecessary CD in a cardboardsheet and draw around it with a pencil. Put on a piece of cardboard and empty glass is also Circle. Cut out circles on the resulting contour and cut each of them exactly in half.


The smaller half-circle (the one made of corrugated cardboard)carefully glue to the middle, more. Around him lay out rays and paste disposable fork, so that their pen rested on the cardboard, and the extreme teeth come into contact with each other (the forks should be an odd number). Brush the glue second large semi-circle and glue it on top. Wait until the glue is completely dry.


Take lace and proden it between the handles of forksthrough one so that it overlaps the handle, then it dived under them. The ends of the lace gather, leaving 1 cm allowance on each side. Fold the seam allowances and CONNECT them to the back of the outer forks. Remaining lace miss between the teeth so that the teeth of each extreme plugs were under lace ribbon, and internal - on top of it. Stick the ends of the lace in the same way.


Turn the back side of the fan and small droplets of glue fasten lace, that it does not slide off the forks.


Below cloves forks Stick flower tape. She also decorate cardboard semicircle, laying flowers close one to one that is not in sight cardboard.


In the middle of the fan glue beautiful butterfly or a flower. On request, you can decorate your fan beads or beads, sequins or buttons.

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