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How to make a pattern on a glass

To make a beautiful picture with your hands, you have to be able to draw a little and have the desire to make an individual and original thing.

This glass will please friends, is a perfect gift and even useful at the wedding.

You will need

  • Glass wine glass on a high stem, internet, A4 paper, printer, acrylics, acrylic clear varnish, alcohol or acetone, scissors, tape,



Locate the desired picture, print it on a printer and cut. Gently tighten the inside of the glass of scotch.


Degrease the outer side of the glass with an alcohol or acetone. Circle pattern acrylics circuits (very convenient to use an acrylic marker). Leave the glass for 30 minutes.


Carefully fill in the outline of the desired color. If you are using different colors, then after each glass color leave to dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove the glass from the picture and leave the glass at 6 o'clock.


When the paint has dried completely, securedrawing clear acrylic lacquer. After 2-3 hours the glass is ready and can be optionally decorate various accessories (ribbons, flowers, sequins, crystals, etc.).

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