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How to make a door jamb


How to make a door jamb</a>

Door jambs are often called decks. To prirubke logs are usually made serious demands.

To make a door jamb, you must prepare thick logs in advance.

You also need to have some skills in the field of wood processing.



Logs spread out with two or four wedgesThe plaques. From the received plows it will already be possible to cut out four-channel bars. In them, on the one hand, make a groove, which is necessary for fixing to the thorns of the wall. On the other hand, select the quarter to which the door leaf will be installed.


At the butt end of the logs, cut the thorns. Also, they are precisely adjusted to the size of the grooves in the door jambs. Take into account that the box is attached to the wall only with spikes. There is no other fastening. Quite often they install wooden doors in the room. They are very heavy. When fully opened, they will try to turn out the decks. When closed tightly, they loosen. If the fit is poorly executed, the marriage will immediately begin to manifest itself. There will be a shredding of the decks, moss will start to fall out, and in the formed cracks it will be strongly inflated.


Next, proceed to install the box on theNecessary place. The width of the opening is made in both directions of the door frame to the depth of the stud. The depth of the stud completely depends on the thickness of the decks. Then choose one of the two options: first, a door frame is made and it cuts the opening in the wall, or first cuts through the opening, and the box is already cut to it. If you already have a little experience of these cases, then boldly cut the door "by eye".


With a plumb bob, make a markup on the wallLog house in the form of vertical lines. They will show the boundary of the opening under the door frame. Use the level to break the upper and lower bounds. Put all the lines on the wall. Then, cut out the doorway with this layout.


If your doorway is wide, then forManufacture of decks use just cut logs of logs from the opening. Then arrange the selected logs with wedges on the planks. The profile of the received decks may not have a rectangular shape. It can be in the form of a trapezoid.

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