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How to make a door in Minecraft

How to make a door in Minecraft

Maynkraft you can build a nice house for your character, but if you do not take care of security, angry mobs can quickly destroy it.

One element of protection is a sturdy door.

Everyone who is going to build housing, must first learn how to do the door to Maynkraft.



Doors can be made of iron or wood. Although the doors of wood to build maynkraft easier, they have a much poorer protection functions. The wooden door opens, right-click, and red stone required for opening an iron analog. Also, through the door of the wood may undergo any resident of the village, and it even zombies can break down.


Install door can be on any opaque solid block. To put the door into the opening, you need to be outside the house.


If you do not want to do the door to Maynkraft, you can try to find it in the village or in the fortress. If you break the block in which it holds, the door will fall and it will be possible to pick up.


To crafted wooden door, work bench must be put six boards in the two right-hand column. Boards are derived from wood of any breed.


For the manufacture of iron doors need appropriate bars. Kraft is exactly the same as in the case with wood.


If you have already learned how to do the usual Maynkraftwooden and iron doors, you'll want to do something more interesting. For example, it is possible to make two-folding option. To put this idea into reality, you need to put next two conventional doors and install them on the button.


Maynkraft can also build a slidingautomatic door. To make the flaps may be any solid blocks and their motion for bargain must be placed next pistons connected to buttons and connected circuits.


To make a secret door, you must close the pistons and the valves blocks paintings.


Thus, Maynkraft can make a door for every taste, showing a bit of ingenuity and imagination.

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