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How to make a door

Despite the diversity of the outside, inside all doors are the same

If you have the necessary tools and little experience, to make the door with his own hands will not appear daunting task.

The quality of the final product will depend not so much on your experience, how much of the accuracy and care.

You will need

  • Fibreboard
  • Do not planed planks 2.5 cm to 15 cm
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Plane
  • Abrasive



Determine the size of the door. It will depend on the internal dimensions of the door frame. Based on these dimensions, cut off a sheet of hardboard two identical blanks, keeping the straightness of corners. When choosing a fiberboard to give preference to the door tight, without deep scratches and other damage. So you reduce your costs for finishing doors and the time to process its details.


Now take not planed board 2.5 cm thick and 15 cm wide and took her about two segments of equal height and three door - width. Sand the board coarse sandpaper.


Place one of the pieces on a flat chipboardsurface (this may be the floor). On top of it lay on the edges of the two long segments. Three short put on top of them, with it, two short board, place on the edges to have turned a rectangle. A third board position at 5 cm below the proposed lock and handle. When laying the boards obey all angles.


Mark out all the boards in the places where they intersect. This is done for basting washed down the connecting spines. Usually they are made as thick as a half-board.


Remove the board and make cuts withcalculating, when laying the boards to each other is not left protrusions. Just do not overdo it? not finished better than to saw. Put everything back on board DSP and connect them. Make sure there are projections in the local boards connection.


Promazhte board furniture glue. It can be a carpenter bone glue, casein or PVA. Long board promazhte on the side of contact with the chipboard. Also promazhte common space with spikes on all boards. Put them back and attach with screws. Each compound in four points. Caps screws must not protrude above the surface.


Now the entire frame promazhte glue and put on topsecond blank chipboard. It remains only to put it under a press and wait for the complete drying. After drying, and it will take a couple of days, your door will be ready.

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