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How to make a donkey of tires

How to make a donkey of tires

With the craft of car tires and other waste materials can not simply decorate the infield, but also give it brightness and creativity.

An unusual approach to the design of the site makes it a wonderful place to relax.

You will need

  • - Boards, wooden trim stroymaterialov-
  • - Screws or other fasteners elements-
  • - A few pieces of rebar for karkasa-
  • - Several car pokryshek-
  • - One bike pokryshka-
  • - Paint and brush.



Make a reinforcement of the frame pieces of the futurecrafts. For this purpose, four hammer pin into the ground at locations where it is supposed to establish donkey legs, torso area in better fasten them together. So it turns out a steady basis for further work.


Cut in half one of the big tires. Attach it to the legs of the round-armaturinami part down - it will be a body donkey. To make the donkey's back, the other of the tire cut a long strip and place it upside down on the half, a good fix.


Make donkey head - use for thisthe second half of the tire. It must be fixed in position by attaching one end, which would be a neck to the body. You can arrange the harness in such a way that it supports the head.


The legs of the donkey fixtures look ugly - obtyanite their bicycle tires. The pieces of rebar try to send so that the legs look more natural.


Decorate the composition further details - it will help revive her and give realistic. From pieces of tires, cut the ears, tail, donkey, stick them in the right places.


You can harness the donkey in a cart. To do this, pieces of wood, make a harness, a curved semicircular piece of rubber from the tire suitable as a clamp. Make a pair of wheels of the board or take a real - from a broken bicycle, wheelbarrow.


Fasten a bar between two poles - athe easiest option to simulate shafts and cart. Fasten one side of the resulting structure standing on a donkey, the other - to secure the land. On both sides of the bar arrange wheels.


Samu trolley is easy to do from the wholetires. Put the lid of the bar between the wheels. If you make it to the bottom, you can pour into the land and plant flowers - it turns out that the donkey carries on itself an entire flowerbed with flowers. To make a homemade song brighter and more natural color crafts finished in any color.

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