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How to make a doll


The Nyusya Doll</a>

In the time of our grandmothers it was very expensive to buy a nice, beautiful doll. Therefore, many made them with their own hands, who was from the straw, who was from the fabric, and there were also knitted dolls.

This lesson has taught children to work independently.

You will need

  • - 50 g of light turquoise, sea-blue and white yarn
  • - knitting needles No. 3



Before. For the right foot, draw a white thread 24 loops and knit the front surface. After 12 rows, continue the thread of the color of the sea wave, adding on both sides near the edge loop on 1 loop. Having connected a color thread of 28 rows to 26 loops, move the loops to the western needle. Just do the left leg. Connect the two parts, in the middle, type one loop (there will be 53 loops on the knitting needles) and then knit on all the hinges with the front face, reducing 1 loop on both sides: in each 2nd row 14 times, in each 6th row 4 Times. Decrease as follows: from the right edge after the edge loop 1, remove the loop, like the front one, and tie one of the front and pull through it a detached loop-from the left edge in front of the edge loop, loop the two loops together. Simultaneously with the beginning of the deductions, enter light? Turquoise thread and knit streaks, changing the thread every two rows. When you have finished adjusting, close the remaining 17 loops.


Back knit, as before.


Arm. With a white thread, draw 30 loops and knit 8 rows with the front face. Next, continue the thread of the color of the sea wave, adding on each side to 1 loop, then in each 6th row add another 1 loop 2 times. Total on the spokes 36 loops. Having connected the 18-color thread, reduce 1 time on 1 loop on both sides, then 14 more times in each 2nd row on 1 loop, as described for transfer. The remaining 6 loops close.


Head. Gather a white thread 66 loops and knit 46 rows of facial smoothness, then pull all the loops with a working thread. Carry out the seam.


The cap. Type light? Turquoise thread of 70 loops and knit 5 rows alternately 1 face and 1 purl. Further continue the facial surface, subtracting from both sides, both for transmission, in each 4th row of 29 times 1 loop. Remain the remaining 12 loops with a working thread. Carry out the seam.


Ending. Hands with regular bevels sew to the back and forward, sew them, perform side seams, seam legs. Pull the bottom edges of the hands and feet. Fill the doll with a filler, bandage the brushes and feet at the junction of the white and colored mating. Pull the loops of the trunk near the neck. Head nabeyte, pull the lower edge and sew to the body. Unscrew the edge of the cap, sew it. Make a white pompom and sew to the cap. With a turquoise thread, embroider your eyes, pink? Nose and mouth.

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