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How to make a dog of balloons

How to make a dog of balloons

Balloons - a decoration of any holiday.

However, not everyone knows that most of these ballsYou can make a variety of interesting and unique, including figurines of various animals that later can become a child's favorite toy or just interior decoration.

And the most common animals, which is made of balloons - is a dog.



You should know that in order to make small dog of balls, you must purchase a long airBall in the store and pump to inflate it. Before the start of manufacture of the toy balloon should know that the whole procedure by twisting "sausages" are made only in one direction (clockwise strictly or strongly against it).


And now to business. To start, prepare a balloon. Inflate it with the pump so that the edge was not inflated about 20 cm. Tie up the ball.


Twist three bubbles, twisting them around an axis 3 times. Connect the last two bubble twist - will receive doggie ears. Leave a small distance to the neck (about 3 cm).


Twist the example of the head and front legs 9-11 cm in vain for the body.


Twist the hind legs. They are made as well as the front. Drive away the air in the end of the tail, leaving a little bit at the bottom, and then paint the little dog of his markers, drawing his eyes, nose, mouth. The dog is ready.

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