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How to make a digital video


How to make a digital video</a>

In our time, anyone can try himself as a director. Moreover, all the tools available for this are practically at hand.

Well, or waiting for the future Spielbergs and Polanski on store shelves.

One such tool is the video editor Sony Vegas 10.

You will need

  • - Sony Vegas 10 software



Open the program and import into it the files on the basis of which you want to make Video. To do this, click the menu item File & gt- Import& Gt- Media. You can find out the list of formats that the Sony Vegas editor can handle by clicking on the "File Type" drop-down menu. As you can see, among them there are not only video formats (avi, wmv, avc, etc.), but also image formats (jpeg, bmp, gif ...), and audio formats (wma, mp3, ogg, etc.). If you select a specific one, then in the above window only folders and files of this type will be displayed. Select the files you want and click "Open".


All imported files will appear in the panelProject Media. Drag from there any video file to the so-called "timeline" - this is the area at the bottom of the program, the upper part of which is framed by a timeline. As you managed to notice, in the timeline after the file moved there were two tracks (or maybe even more if this video includes several audio tracks): video and audio. At the moment they are a single whole, but they can be disconnected: right click on the track that you want to "un-paste" and press the hot key U. To re-merge, hold down Ctrl and select both tracks and press G.


To make a digital film, you will find it difficultDo without mounting, and the very essence of editing is cutting the video into pieces and further manipulating these pieces. Open the preview window by pressing the hot keys Alt + 4, so it will be easier for you to install.


Click the left mouse button at the place of the track,Where you are going to make an incision. For more precise settings, use the "Left" and "Right" keys on the keyboard. Press S to cut. Now you have two pieces of video that you can manipulate in the same way as the whole video track: move, cut, etc. The same actions you can do with both graphic and audio files.


If you need to add captions, to startCreate a new (as yet empty) video track: right-click in the free space of the timeline and in the opened menu select Insert video track. Now right click on the empty space of the newly created track and select Inset text media in the list. A new window will appear, in which you can adjust the size, font, location and other properties of the captions. When you're done with the settings, just close the window. Remember, for that the track with the credits was visible, it must constantly be on top of the other video tracks.


Using the description from the previous stepsInstructions, try to create your own combination. To save the result, click the menu item File & gt- Render as, specify the path to save, specify the required format in the "File type" field and click "Save". A new window will appear, demonstrating the rendering process. After it's done, click the Open folder button to move to the save folder and evaluate the result.

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