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How to make a diagnosis in the school

How to make a diagnosis in the school

Psychological diagnostics in school used to study the structure of the individual student.

It allows you to get information about the psychological abilities of a person, distinct character traits and, therefore, learn to use them properly.

School Diagnostics is used not only to identify the weak points in the child's development, but also clarifies the level of readiness of the schoolboy the requirements of the educational process.

Psychologists have traditionally been used only standardized and proven tests and techniques that require a special level of professional training.

You will need

  • free office, letterhead, clean sheets of paper, students.



In order to conduct the diagnosis in psychological school, You need to know the exact number of students inclass. With this in mind, zagotovte forms with questions and blank sheets of paper. Agree with the school administration, so that you have allocated a free office for diagnosis and warned students about the upcoming event.


When you come into the office to the students,be sure to introduce yourself and tell us the purpose of your visit. Distribute forms and blank sheets of paper. Instruct the students and making sure they all understood, let them proceed to the assignment. After all students answer questions, collect their forms and thanked for their participation in the diagnosis, let me get out of class.


Start the process results inaccording to the responses decryption key. Make up to each student a psychological portrait of personality and full description of the individual characteristics. Identify strengths and weaknesses and write to these recommendations.


Notify diagnostic results should be in a strictly individual basis. Give details of a student, you have received the results of his diagnosis and give recommendations to correct identified problems.

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