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How to diagnose at school


How to diagnose at school</a>

Psychological diagnosis in school is used to study the structure of the personality of the student.

It allows you to get information about the psychological abilities of a person, pronounced traits of character and, accordingly, learn how to use them correctly.

School diagnostics is used not only to identify weaknesses in the development of the child, but also to find out the level of the student's readiness for the requirements of the educational process.

Psychologists traditionally use only standardized and tested tests and techniques, which require a special level of professional training.

You will need

  • A free office, forms, blank sheets of paper, students.



In order to conduct psychological diagnosis in SchoolYou need to know the exact number of students inClassroom. Given this, prepare blank forms with questions and blank sheets of paper. Make an agreement with the school administration so that you can get a free office for diagnosis and warn students about the upcoming event.


When you come to the office to schoolchildren,Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us the purpose of your visit. Hand out forms and blank sheets of paper. Instruct students and, after making sure that they understand everything, let them start the task. After all the students answer the questions, collect their forms and thanking for participation in the diagnosis, you can leave the classroom.


Start processing the results inMatch with the key for decoding the answers. Compose for each student a psychological portrait of personality and a complete description of individual characteristics. Identify weaknesses and strengths and write recommendations for them.


Report the results of the diagnosis in a strictly individual order. In detail, tell the student how you got the results of his diagnosis and give recommendations for correcting the problem.

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