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How to make a cutting board


For each type of products you need your cutting board</a>

A chopping board is necessary for every hostess.

They need even a few - it is desirable to cut fish, meat, vegetables, fruits on different boards.

In extreme cases, you can combine vegetables and fruits.

But for example, meat and sausage can not be cut on the same board, because the meat is subjected to heat treatment, and the sausage is not.

Do not use the first pieces of plywood or boards as cutting board.

You will need

  • - Multilayer plywood with a thickness of 8-10 mm
  • - Jig saw-
  • - Pencil-
  • - Ruler-
  • - Angle-
  • - Drel-
  • - Drilling-
  • - Sandpaper-
  • - File.



Saw a piece of plywood the right size. The board can be of any shape. This can be an ordinary rectangular board, but you can make it in the form of various figures. The most common form of a cutting board is a rectangle with a handle. Draw a rectangle on a piece of plywood. The short side of it is divided in half. From the resulting point, set aside on both sides segments equal to half the width of the handle. Pass through them perpendiculars to the side of the board and set aside lengths equal to the length. Make the contours of the handle the way you like it - it can be oval, in the form of a trapezoid, with denticles.


Searched Blackboard Jig saw on the chosen form. Corner the files so that they turn out to be rounded. If this is not done, the board will very quickly become uncomfortable and ugly. Strip the corners with sandpaper.


Strip all surfaces of cuttingBoards to remove unevenness. If the treatment is not done carefully, you can plant a splinter. In addition, small pieces of wood can get into food.


If the board with a handle, drill a hole about 2-3 centimeters from the end of the handle. It is necessary to hang it Blackboard on the wall. Rectangular Blackboard Hang around the corner, and in a shaped board, reminiscent of the shape, for example, an animal or a flower, the hole can be made anywhere, but also closer to the edge.


If desired, you can Blackboard Decorate. You can draw or burn a pattern. On the working surface, you do not need to draw anything - the pattern will disappear anyway. So decorate only the side on which you will not cut anything. Even if you do not want any drawings, it's better to mark the boards somehow.


You can rub Blackboard Waxing. Then it will less absorb the not very pleasant substances. Heat a little Blackboard, Smear it with paraffin, rubbing it with a hard linen rag. Remove excess paraffin.

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