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How to make a curved mirror

How to make a curved mirror

Production of distorting mirrors in principle no great difficulty, technology perfected over the centuries, but their bare hands and "on the knee" will not do.

we need an oven of appropriate dimensions for the manufacture of distorting mirrors.



Glass lay in a prepared metal mask, which should take the form of glass.

Place in the oven and heat to a temperature of 600-700 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the glass becomes pliable and takes the shape of the template.


Depending on the cooling rate of glassIt becomes hardened at a relatively fast cooling or a conventional, slow cooling. With the rapid cooling in the glass accumulates "internal tensions", which subsequently may affect the further processing of the process, so the glass once again heat up to a temperature of approximately 300 degrees and let it cool slowly.


The application of the reflecting layer is known as a "silver mirror reaction", which is lowered if the chemical formula is as follows:
- First, to an aqueous solution of silver nitrateAdding AgNO3 aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide KOH, resulting in the precipitation of a brown-black silver oxide Ag2O precipitate. The precipitate, filter and mix with an aqueous solution of ammonia NH3. During the reaction, silver oxide dissolved in ammonia water to form a complex compound (ammine or ammine) - diamminserebra hydroxide.
- The resulting clear solution soak a sheet of glass, one of which is carefully degrease surfaces, and add formaldehyde HCHO.
- Formaldehyde restores silver which is deposited on the cleaned surface of the glass, covering it with a brilliant mirror coating.


The exterior surface of the silver layer should cover how a protective layer, an ordinary paint, for example.

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