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How to make a current source

How to make a current source

Current source is a device in which any form of energy into electrical energy is converted.

It is an operation, which is based on the separation of positively and negatively charged particles that accumulate on power poles.

You will need

  • carbon rod, ammonia, paste, zinc container, galvanized iron, salt, baking soda, coins, lemon, apple, voltmeter, galvanometer



Make chemical current source, which forby chemical reactions occur in the conversion of internal energy of this is elektricheskuyu.Primerom electrochemical cell wherein a carbon rod inserted in a zinc container.


Place the rod in a linen bag, pre-fill with a mixture of carbon oxide of manganese.


Use the element paste of flourammonia solution. During the interaction of zinc with smelling salts, carbon rod acquires a positive charge, and zinc - negative. Between the zinc vessel and charged rod an electric field. This current source positive electrode will be the carbon negative - zinc container.


Make the battery by connecting several suchelectrochemical cells. Current sources based on that used in the UPS, as well as autonomous household appliances. On this basis, produce batteries for vehicles, electric vehicles and cell phones.


Take the light bulb without glassbottle, screw it into the socket, pre-mounted on a stand. Connect the galvanometer. If you heat the place spiral connection wire match, the device will show the current availability.


Take an apple or lemon and insert itcopper wire. Attach a short distance galvanized iron. It will turn the battery, ie galvanic cell. If you measure the voltage with a voltmeter on this battery, it will be about 1 V. You can also make the most of the battery by connecting the elements in series.


Take five "white" and "yellow" coins. Lay them, alternating between them. Route between the pads are made of paper, pre-moistened with a solution of common salt. Put their style and squeeze. By connecting a voltmeter to the first "white" and the latest "yellow" coins, you may find the voltage and touching, even get a light electric shock. All metal parts should be pre-cleaned of fat.

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