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How to make a cube of paper


How to make a cube of paper</a>

Cubes are often used in children's games and design.

It will be interesting for children to make a cube of improvised materials together with adults.

You will need

  • Paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, colored paper, markers / pencils / paints



Draw a sweep of the cube. The cube has 6 faces, each of which is a square. In the unfolding they are arranged so that they have to join as little as possible the edges. To do this, the four lateral faces are placed side by side, and the base and the top face along the sides of the sweep.

Scanning a Cube


You can strengthen the cube from the inside with a cardboard frame. To do this, do the same scan as for the cube, but without a foundation and without a top. It is better to make a frame by a millimeter or two smaller than the basic cube.

Development of a frame from cardboard


Draw special valves to the scans,Which then will spread with glue. Most of the time the glue is glued directly to the cube face, but if you have very thin paper, then you can glue the valves together, then the ribs remain intact.


Glue the frame, then around it, glue the cube. Above, the cube can be pasted with colored paper, appliqués, painted with felt-tip pens, paints or pencils. If you are making a cube for a board game, then put on the edges the number of points. If you simulate a cube with dice points, remember that the number of points on the opposite faces should be seven. Thus, the following pairs of points are obtained on the faces: 1-6, 2-5, 3-4.

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