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How to make a cube out of paper

How to make a cube out of paper

Cubes are often used in children's games and designing.

Children will be interesting to do with adult gaming cube of scrap materials.

You will need

  • paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, colored paper, pens / pencils / inks



Draw a cube scan. At the 6 faces of the cube, each of which is a square. The scan they are arranged so that the glue had edges as small as possible. For this purpose, four side faces near a butt and the base and upper bound on each side sweep.

cube Scan


You can strengthen the cube inside a cardboard frame. To do the same drill for the cube, but without reason and without a top. It is better to make the frame a millimeter or two less than the basic cube.

Scan frame made of cardboard


Pririsuyte scans for special valves,which will then spread the glue. Most often, when the valve is glued directly to the bonding face of the cube, but if you have a very thin paper, it is possible to glue the flaps together while the ribs remain intact.


Glue the frame, then glue around the cube. On top of the cube, you can paste over with colored paper, applications, paint markers, paints or crayons. If you do die for a board game, then write on the faces of the number of points. If you imitate this cube with dots for a game of dice, then remember that the number of dots on opposite faces must be equal to seven. Thus we obtain the following pairs of points on the edges 1-6, 2-5, 3-4.

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